Elijah Robertson

OU Major: 
Engineering Physics
Research Mentor: 
Dr. Liangzhong Xiang
Describe your undergraduate research or creative project: 
I have had the incredible privilege of working on an entirely new biomedical imaging technique founded by my mentor: X-ray-induced Acoustic Computed Tomography (XACT). XACT runs off a groundbreaking new physics discovery, that X-rays can generate ultrasound waves within tissue. In conventional X-ray imaging methods, such as mammography, X-rays are used to generate two-dimensional images of tissue while effecting some radiation upon patients. XACT, in contrast, can generate a three-dimensional image using a single X-ray projection, providing vastly more information at an even lower radiation dose. As a pre-med student, being a part of this project has allowed me to combine my interest in medicine and engineering, two fields that are significantly interdependent in modern medical practice. I’m very excited to see the future applications of this new technology in medicine.
Explain what you learned or give advice to fellow students: 
When undecided students are advised about career paths, they are most often told: “do what you love.” I would say exactly the same about research. Research, simply put, is difficult; if done in a field that a student has little interest, the most likely result is ongoing exasperation. If done in a field the student can enjoyably relate with, the experience itself will be rewarding. My advice to all students interested in research is to do it in a field that can be related with, and if a certain lab does not seem to inspire them, they should not be afraid to switch projects. Research is most effective when there is heart in it.
Awards and/or presentations: 
Curiosity to Creativity Symposium: My poster for XACT was awarded the Broader Impact Award. 2017 OUHSC Biomedical Engineering Symposium Poster Finalist: My poster/abstract for XACT was named in the top-10 of all participants. I have also received funding from the Mentored Research Fellowship program.
Published Work: 

Submissions under review