Amber Morgan

OU Major: 
Chemical Engineering/Biotechnology
Research Mentor: 
Susan Walden
Describe your undergraduate research or creative project: 
I have worked on a research project using the integration of a peptoid and a cholesterol as a possible preventative measure for Alzheimer's Disease. If this project is successful, it could be extended to include many of the neurodegenerative diseases that are currently being fought. I also got the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica as a part of a summer REU. I studied the driver behind the color change of a very rare water anole native to Costa Rica.
Explain what you learned or give advice to fellow students: 
There are many important things that I have learned in my undergraduate experience. The most important piece of advice that I would give to a student is to start early, and to take advantage of every opportunity presented to you. The earlier that a student gets started in undergraduate research, the more they can explore many different opportunities. This allows the student to find specific interests and find good fit for themselves for after graduation. I would also recommend to students to look for undergraduate research opportunities abroad instead of studying abroad through the university. This gives students the opportunity to travel the world and gain valuable life experience at the same time.
Awards and/or presentations: 
Morgan, A.M., C. Hestekin and S. Servoss 2017. The Effect of Cholesterol and Peptoids on Membrane Properties of Bicelles. National Conference of Undergraduate Research, 2018. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) National Conference, 2017. Denver, Colorado. Louis Stokes Alliance For Minority Participation (OKLSAMP) Annual Research Symposium, 2017. Stillwater, Oklahoma. (Awarded first place in non-life sciences)Morgan, A.M. and L. Swierk. 2016. Hiding in plain sight: Rapid color change permits disruptive camouflage in the aquatic anole, Anolis aquaticus. AISES National Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science National Conference, Long Beach, California. OKLSAMP Annual Research Symposium, 2016. Stillwater, Oklahoma. Las Cruces Biological Station Research Symposium, Las Cruces, Costa Rica.
Published Work: 

Morgan, A.M and L. Swierk. 2016. Hiding in plain sight: Rapid color change permits disruptive camouflage in the aquatic anole, A