SWK 3243 Groups, Organizations, & Communities

Point of Contact Name: 
Anthony Kibble
Anne & Henry Zarrow School of Social Work
Semester/Year Taught: 
Spring 2018
Describe the Research Project: 
Experiencing Community-Based Participatory Research using theoretical models is an course based effort to engage undergraduate students in community based preliminary participatory research. Undergraduate students were assigned to teams for the duration of the course. Twelve out of the sixteen weeks of the course, students receive the support and consultation of a Graduate Research Guide (GRG). GRG provided consultation sessions at the Zarrow Faculty and Graduate Student Lounge with student teams. Consultation sessions took place weekly and for no longer than fifteen minutes per session. The focus of the GRG Consultation sessions were around completion of weekly course assignments, facilitation of team member peer review process, and supporting undergraduate students involvement in campus exchange tours and communities of interest. During the rigorous twelve weeks undergraduate student teams were tasked with completion of assignments such as Community Windshield Analysis, Community Assets Mapping, Community Analysis Using Theoretical Models, and Community Participatory Evaluation Plan. The aforementioned assignments allowed students to acquire knowledge, skills, and practice regarding engaging in community based participatory research, strengths and challenges. In addition, students were able to participate in the larger initiative known as Space for Experiencing Research through Volunteer Exchanges (SERVE).
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