2018 Spring Curiosity to Creativity Suposium

To showcase OU’s excellent undergraduate research and creative projects, the O.U.R. sponsored a campus-wide celebration on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 in the Oklahoma Memorial Union Beaird Lounge. All undergraduate students were invited to present their projects they have worked on within the past year. There were a total of 46 presentations from (disciplines here), and a total of approximately (number of guests) guests attended the event. We are all proud of our undergraduates and look forward to the next syposium this summer! Here is a list of the presentations:

Session One (11:30 AM – 1:30 PM):

  • Arment, Alex (1) "Piezoelectrics In the Restoration of Touch Sensing in Prosthetic Users"
    Mentor: Dr. Yingtao Liu
  • Avery, Katherine (3) "Automated Detection of Bird Roosts using NEXRAD Radar Data and Artificial Neural Networks"
    Mentor: Dr. Amy McGovern; Additional collaborators: Carmen Chilson, Amy McGovern, Eli Bridge, Daniel Sheldon, Jeffrey Kelly 
  • Carey, Matt (5) "Digitizing Rare Bhutanese Documents"
    Mentor: Dr. Michael Givel
  • Carman, Matthew (7) "Greenhouses: Not Quite a Winter Wonderland for Snails"
    Mentor: Dr. Liz Bergey
  • Geller, Courtney (9) "Fieldworks: An Artistic and Art Historical Exploration of Land use and Interpretation"
    Mentor: Dr. Todd Stewart and Dr. Robert Bailey; Additional collaborators: Rachel Hall, Megan Ross
  • Grippen, Hailey (11) "Progressing from Writing to Writer: Exploring Factors that Impact University Faculty and Their Writer Identity Development"
    Mentor: Dr. Sandra Tarabochia
  • Jett, Samuel (13) "A Study on the Spatial Variance in Heart Valve Mechanics"
    Mentor: Dr. Chung-Hao Lee; Additional collaborators: Devin Laurence, Colton Ross, Jacob Richardson, Cortland Johns, Allyson Echols, Ryan Bodlak
  • Killingsworth, Tylor (15) "Wettability Effects on Heat Exchangers"
    Mentor: Dr. Wilson Merchan-Merchan
  • Kramer, Katherine (17) "Layer-specific mechanical responses and morphological structure of atrioventricular valve leaflets"
    Mentor: Dr. Chung-Hao Lee; Additional collaborators: Anju R. Babu, Ph.D., Devin Laurence, Cortland Johns, Yi Wu, Ph.D.
  • Kunkel, Robert (19) "Synthesis and Characterization of Aliphatic Urethane Shape Memory Polymers for Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms"
    Mentor: Dr. Chung-Hao Lee; Additional collaborators: Yingtao Liu, Bradley Bohnstedt, Jingyu Wang, Donnie Robinson, Devin Laurence, Joshua Scherrer
  • Laurence, Devin (21) "Development of a Multiscale Computational Modeling Framework for the Tricuspid Valve"
    Mentor: Dr. Chung-Hao Lee; Additional collaborators: Yi Wu
  • Maples, Brandon (23) "Combining Cluster Analysis and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for Accurate and Low-cost Bathymetric Surveying"
    Mentor: Dr. Hernan Moreno; Additional collaborators: Laura Alvarez, Phillip Chilson, Antonio Segales
  • Marinaro, Rose (25) "What’s the Dam Problem?"
    Mentor: Dr. Angela Person
  • Mee, Emily (27) "Policy-Making Through the Lens of Gender - Payday-Loans and the Oklahoma House"
    Mentor: Dr. Sophia Morren
  • Morgan, Amber (29) "The Effect of Cholesterol and Peptoids on Membrane Properties of Bicelles"
    Mentor: Dr. Christa Hestekin
  • Murphy, Tamiko (31) "Site-Directed Mutagenesis of the ParD Antitoxin to Examine Binding Interactions with ParE Toxin"
    Mentor: Dr. Christina Bourne
    Mentor: Dr. Wilson Merchan-Merchan
  • Richardson, Jacob (35) "The Essential Role of Glycosaminoglycans in the Biomechanics of Heart Valve Leaflets"
    Mentor: Dr. Chung-Hao Lee
  • Schene, Miranda (37) "Rational Design and Substrate Specificity Study of Prenyltransferase CdpNPT"
    Mentor: Dr. Shanteri Singh
  • Schlemme, Camille (39) "The Risks and Hazards Associated With The Production And  Use of Concrete"
    Mentor: Dr. Angela Person; Additional collaborators: Camille Schlemme
  • Tang, Julia (41) "Characterizing Cognitive Memory Function in Middle-Aged and Older Adults"
    Mentor: Dr. Han Yuan; Additional collaborators: Yuxuan Chen M.S, Lisa A. De Stefano B.S., Tory Worth B.S., Michael Wenger Ph.D., Lei Ding Ph.D., Melissa A. Craft Ph.D., Barbara W. Carlson Ph.D., Kelley Deardeuff B.S.
  • Whipkey, Ben (43) "Long distance travel - at a snails pace"
    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Bergey

Session Two (2:30 PM – 4:30 PM):

  • Abarzak, Sonia (2) "Habitat Preference of Anguispira Alternata for Difference Compositions of Sand and Organic Fiber"
    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Bergey; Additional collaborators: Cali Dodd, Sophia Huebler
  • Alcala, Esmeralda (4) "Genetic screening on Arabidopsis thaliana"
    Mentor: Dr. Ben F. Holt III
  • Ames, Jessica (6) "Exploration of the Novel Functions of the Bacterial AtParE4 Toxin"
    Mentor: Dr. Christina Bourne
  • Borgfeldt, Bradlee (8) "The Oppression of Women and the Representation of Three Antigonas"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Breedlove, Gates (10) "Rosemary Oil Makes Snails Sluggish"
    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Bergey; Additional collaborators: Shannon Gidley, Sarah Look, Jacinda Irwin
  • Eix, Emily (12) "Characterization of the Morphological Adaptation of the Sorghum Root System in Response to Drought "
    Mentor: Dr. Marc Libault
  • Gallucci, Spencer (14) "Under Actuated Prosthetic Hand"
    Mentor: Dr. Yingtao Liu
  • Gill, Hussan (16) "Plastics and Food Finding Behavior and Consumption of Snails"
    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Bergey; Additional collaborators: Bahar Iranpour Broujeni, Merhawit Ghebrehiwet
  • Gonzalez, Angela (18) "Got calcium? The relationship between snail density and soil calcium levels"
    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Bergey; Additional collaborators: Jenna McGrath, Rebekah Link
  • Grantham, Ryan (20) "Got Calcium? The effects of soil-calcium levels on predatory snail feeding"
    Mentor: Dr. Liz Bergey; Additional collaborators: Christopher Hendrix
  • Hadzic, Merima (22) "Theater of Politics - Grisela Gambaro"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Hamper, Florence (24) "Cruise Ships"
    Mentor: Dr. Angela Person
  • Hassoun, Adam (26) "Does Day Length Effect Feeding Behavior?"
    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Bergey; Additional collaborators: Preston Choi, Lauren Means
  • Hayden, Daniel (28) "Rice Cell Wall Components Alter Beneficial Fungal Symbionts"
    Mentor: Dr. Laura Bartley; Additional collaborators: Uta Paszkowski
  • Hays, Emily (30) "McMansions & Urban Sprawl"
    Mentor: Dr. Angela Person
  • Hooper, Jacquelyn (32) "Feminicidio y Apatía"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Houston, Sydney (34) "Misconceptions about Spanish Students"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Kelley, Amanda (36) "Seeing is believing? How snails find food"
    Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Bergey; Additional collaborators: Mary Caroline Admire
  • Perez, Diego (38) "Sexual Politics in Argentina"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Robertson, Elijah (40) "X-ray-induced Acoustic Computed Tomography: 3D Imaging from a Single X-ray Projection"
    Mentor: Dr. Liangzhong Xiang; Additional collaborators: Rowzat Faiz, Shanshan Tang, Pratik Samant, Siqi Wang
  • Santeliz, Ana (42) "Antígona, Lupita y Miguel Mártires del ayer y el ahora"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Sullivan, Emilee (44) "La Mujer en Los Papeles de Infierno"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Taylor, Kooper (45) "Representation and Criticism of Femicide in Contemporary Film and Theatre"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward
  • Van Swearingen, Elizabeth (46) "Antígona en Juárez: Perla de la Rosa y las culpables por la violencia"
    Mentor: Dr. Julie Ward