Stephanie Prado Carbonell

OU Major: 
Research Mentor: 
Dr. Wilson Merchan-Merchan
Describe your undergraduate research or creative project: 
Biodiesel (BD) is a new emerging fuel created from vegetable oils and animal fats. BD is considered renewable, a great alternative to petro fuels, and less harmful to the environment and human health. It is well stablished that the combustion byproducts of BD results in less concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and of particular matter (PM) or soot particles. Although there are many advantages of BD over petro-fuels, recent research has shown that there are also some disadvantages such as high viscosity, instability and corrosiveness. A large amount of petro-fuel is being used in the transportation field. Such as in diesel engines of buses, heavy and light duty trucks, tractors, and many more. The corrosive property of BD could lead to higher degradation of diesel engine components. This research focuses on the measurement of the acid number (AN) of several types of BDs and No. 2 diesel. The AN of the diverse types of BDs are compared to each other, No. 2 diesel, the various blend...
Awards and/or presentations: 
Prado Carbonell, Stephanie. "Measuring The Acid Number of New Emerging Fuels." Curiosity to Creativity Spring Symposium, 25 April 2018, Oklahoma Memorial Union, Norman, OK