Maya Henderson

OU Major: 
Environmental Sustainability
Research Mentor: 
Dr. Angela Person and Dr. Randy Peppler
Describe your undergraduate research or creative project:

This summer I was able to chose my own research topic which was based around the question, How are green cities defined and socially constructed? I began with a literature review of the definitions on green cities. I read books, articles, and journals all defining green cities. When discovering social constructions I used discourse analysis on media articles for three case study green cities and the United States overall. From that analysis and the consensus I found from the literature review on the definitions, I wrote on the social constructions of green cities. Each town that I analyzed had their own construction and I connected them together with the US in order to answer my research question.

Explain what you learned or give advice to fellow students:

Getting started you should know that it will take more time than you most likely anticipate. The researching and collecting of data were the easiest part, although I thought the opposite coming into the project. Staying organized and on a set schedule that allows maximum efficiency is difficult but well worth the effort.

Published Work:

Green City: Buzzword to Implementation